Saturday, 31 March 2018

Planning our trip

How it all began

There has been a change on the horizon for our family for quite some time but we couldn’t quite work out what. 

Would we sell our family home and buy a bush block?
Make a sea change- move interstate to a sea side village that we fell in love with on recent caravanning holiday? 

All these ideas were something we had discussed but nothing quite seemed to fit.  
During our summer holiday in January 2018 we still had our hearts set on a sea change but the idea of leaving our extended family kept pulling us back. One night over happy hour we decided that if we took 12 months to travel Australia we could make up our minds on where to call home during our big lap.

It was then that the planning for our trip of Oz in 2019 began.

The next important question was do we upgrade the van?

Our current caravan is an Jayco Expanda 17.56-2  which has been wonderful caravan to holiday in and see many sites of Australia.
After stalking many family blogs and social media accounts of families traveling Oz, we decided that our van was going to be used for more than a short term holiday, this would be our home for 12 months. Decision made, time to upgrade.

Off to the 2018 Melbourne Caravanning and Camping show we went and two weeks later our beloved Expanda was for sale.

Update April 2018

Our beloved Expanda has gone to a new family. We hope they enjoy making family memories as we did. Thanks for the good times. 

Here is a photo of the last time it went down our driveway.


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